Both courses are open.All buggy traffic stay on fairways.Please repair pitch marks replace divots & rake footprints out of bunkers.NO BUGGIES UNTIL FROST HAS LIFTED. (updated 17 November at 05:17)
The Membership

Membership Overview

Hartsbourne Country Club is proud to offer a comprehensive membership programme, which aims to cater to the modern day needs of our members.

We have many different memberships to choose from, including packages relating to short/long-term membership and packages. Hartsbourne is confident that potential applicants will have no issue in finding a membership to suit their needs.

Membership Enquiries

Whether your priority is golf or the social side of Hartsbourne Country Club, we have a variety of membership options that can be tailored to suit your needs.

For all information on membership please contact Jeremy Bohn on 020 8421 7272 or